What are Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is a certain amount of money a player is given upon signing up on an online casino. Casinos like https://www.nz-online-casino.xyz allow gamblers to use such bonuses in playing for real money. Welcome bonuses play a role in determining the casino a player will choose.

What to Consider When Choosing Online Pokies

The first thing you should consider is trust. In today's digital world, trust what you need more than anything else. Without a trusted online casino, you will not be able to deposit safely, withdraw and basically enjoy the whole idea of online gambling.

Another thing to consider is the range of online games available. A good online pokie should provide a wide range of games for players to choose from. Many games mean that you are more likely to find a game you enjoy playing.

Pokie Welcome Bonuses

It is always advantageous to go for online casinos with the most generous welcome bonuses. Additionally, always ensure that the bonuses offered can be used to play for real money. They will help you win big. Avoid online pokies with no welcome bonuses.

Top Rated Online Pokie Casinos

As of June 2020, here are some of the best online pokies with welcome bonuses. PlayAmo Casino offers some of the best welcome bonuses that allow you play them for real money. Another example is Uptown Pokies. These casinos offer lucrative welcome bonuses.

  • Go for casinos with the best welcome bonuses
  • Ensure welcome bonuses can be used for real money

Various Types of Pokies

If you have been playing pokies for a while, you must have noticed that there are different types of pokies. Each type of pokie has certain specifications and you have to play them accordingly. The next section discusses these pokies in details.

3 Reel Pokies

3 reel pokies are based on the traditional fruit machine. They are the most basic type of pokies featuring 3 rows and 3 columns. The middle part is the payline. These pokies are exciting to play and have various features like free spins.

Multiple Payline Pokies

These type of pokies are more intricate but offer gamblers higher chances of winning. This is due to the additional paylines of up to 50. The more you wager, the more available paylines become. These pokies are also captivating and interesting to play.

  1. Multiple Payline Pokies have around 5 reels
  2. These pokies give you higher chances of winning

As many gamblers will agree, playing with pokies having more paylines is advantageous because it makes it easier to win. Unlike pokies with less paylines, more opportunities of picking up wins are available on this platform. You have increased chances of winning here than on others.


The Wild Card Pokies

When playing at an online casino, you will realize that some pokie games include wild symbols on their reels so that they can replace other basic symbols to create a winning combo. Gamblers need to be careful when coming up with the winning combinations.

Multiplier Pokies

When playing multiplier pokies, the winnings are increased by value of money you have staked. For instance, if a single coin hits on winning combination that pays $10, a five coin hit will pay $50. With these pokies, the win ratio is slightly low.

Bonus Multiplier Pokies

These types of pokies are played almost the same multiplier pokies but have an additional bonus amount. The payout ratio is usually determined by the value of coins used, but in case a player wins the maximum amount, they will be paid plus the bonus amount.

Bonus Game Pokies

When playing bonus game pokies and hit a specific combination, the game will award you additional free spins or bonus credits to increase your chances of winning. This is advantageous because you stand a better chance of winning here. It also has exciting features.

The Megaspin Pokies

This is one of the most adored pokies by gamblers. Perhaps, the main reason behind is that players can largely increase their chances of emerging victorious. More than one game can be played simultaneously. Concurrent gameplay is a feature players like because it increases winning odds.


These online pokies offer some of the best welcome bonuses. Just like highlighted, you should always go for a site that gives the most generous welcome bonuses. Also ensure that the bonuses can be used for real money gameplay. The casino should also allow instant withdrawal.

Another feature to look out for is the interactive pokie. These games are a combination of video clips and video pokies. They are very exciting because the outcome of a game is dependent on how a gambler plays it and they vary from time to time.